Sustainable Livestock

DAP develops the production of cattle in a farm called Ybycai, located in the Department of San Pedro. The production is carried out with breeds of Indiga blood specially adapted to the semi tropical climate of the region.

The livestock activity focuses on the purchase of animals in the stage of Desmamantes fed in its entirety based on pastures with supplementation of bales of grass, corn and salt.

As part of the sustainable business approach, DAP has all of the cattle registered in the Paraguayan Traceability System (SITRAP), which allows the company a competitive performance in the global cattle market, with the potential to expand to markets that require a traceability system from the origin to the delivery to the potential client and / or distributor.

Likewise, DAP develops a model of Good Livestock Practices (GMP) in which all the actions involved in the primary link of cattle farming, aimed at ensuring the safety of food, meat and milk, protection of the environment and the people who work in the production.

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