Development Partnerships


  • DAP has an agreement with the company TAYi Ambiental which works with special solid and hazardous waste within the Republic of Paraguay. Operadora de Sermat SA is the 1st. Treatment Plant for Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Pathogenic and Industrial Residues in Paraguay.
  • All the waste generated by the DAP Group in its Central Office and in the Farms in San Pedro are removed by TAYi Ambiental and disposed in its treatment plants.


  • The Company has an alliance with the Company TECNOMYL SA
  • The System of Empty Containers of the Company TECNOMYL SA is a system that makes available to producers, traders, distributors, cooperatives, etc., as well as local and departmental governments, in compliance with Law 3742/09 Cap. XI and art. 13 inc "d" of Res. 446/06 of SENAVE, which includes the collection, transportation and final disposal of the same.


  • DAP has an alliance with the company Cartones Yaguarete SA (CYSA) in which the company confers and facilitates all first-use and second-use cartons, magazine mixes, newspaper, used bibliographies, trade sheets, notebooks between others for recycling them by the CYSA Company.
  • In this way, DAP fulfills one of its objectives which is to reduce the pollution caused by the generated paper waste and contribute to the return of these reconverted waste for a new use.


  • In April of the year 2018, DAP and the Organization To all Pulmon, sign an agreement for the initial reforestation with 5000 trees of native species in one of the Farms of the Company.
  • In addition, the design, development and implementation of reforestation projects in.
  • Training and promotion of community nurseries in areas of influence as alternative income to producers.


  • DAP is part of a group of companies and non-profit organizations that seek to support small producers and neighboring communities in the generation of shared value.
  • Main productive projects with producers in the area: soy, corn, chia and sesame.


  • DAP has the support of the Fire Brigades of the city of Guayibi and Santani for assistance in cases of fire and other disasters.
  • In addition, there is an agreement with the Fire Department of the city of San Lorenzo for training in safety and first aid in all the farms of the company and also for the handling of accidents and fires.


  • DISAL PARAGUAY SRL is a pioneering multinational company in Environmental Services.
  • Thanks to the service agreement between the DAP Group and DISAL, this is in charge of the Suction of Pit, Septic Chambers and Closed Well of all the facilities of the Group's Farms.


  • The company has constantly with the advice, support and achievement of the work of the Consultant of Gestion Ambiental SA
  • CGA SA is a company registered in the Technical Cadastre of Environmental Consultants of the Secretary of Environment, specialists in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Environmental Services in general, in order to accompany the economic, social and environmental development of the Country in a sustainable and sustainable way.


  • DAP SA and the Secretary of the Environment (SEAM) agree to work harmoniously and articulated in an initiative of Public Private Partnership (APP), with the purpose of contributing to the elaboration and technical, economic and legal applicability of the valuation modality and fair, timely and adequate retribution of environmental services oriented to carbon sequestration in agro-rural productive units with their sustainable production systems.
  • The proposal of this initiative Public Private Alliance (AAP) between DAP and the SEAM coincides with one of the delineations of the National Environmental Policy (PAN) to promote the construction of strategic alliances and articulation with other government policies.


  • The National Plant and Seed Quality and Health Service (SENAVE) is the entity for the application of international agreements and agreements related to plant quality and health, to seeds and to the protection of plant varieties and plant species from the biotechnology.
  • The Officials and Contractors of all the Farms of the Company were trained by the SENAVE in the use and management of phytosanitary / agrochemical products so that they have the complete capacity on efficient and controlled use of these products for production.


  • The Paraguayan Network of Conservation in Private Lands is made up of a group of physical and legal persons that promote the protection and sustainable use of biological diversity through the commitment of the private sector and civil society organizations in processes that favor the development of models based on the conservation and management of natural resources.
  • The Network collaborated and collaborates with the DAP Group for the preparation and monitoring of all forest reserves belonging to the company and that have the Environmental Services Certificates issued by the Secretary of the Environment, as well as other projects related to the area.


  • Fundación Paraguaya is a non-profit social enterprise that fulfills its duties with various Social Support Programs, among them the "Self-Sufficient Schools Program", which seeks to transform young low-income farmers into rural entrepreneurs within the Schools administered by the Foundation.
  • DAP, in response to its social commitment to neighboring communities, provides educational scholarships to the youth of these communities to have access to an education based on the parameters proposed by Fundación Paraguaya.