Social Commitment

DAP, understands that Social Responsibility as the commitment to manage the impacts that their decisions and activities may cause in society and the environment through ethical and transparent behavior that:

  • Contribute to sustainable development,
  • Take into consideration the expectations of different stakeholders,
  • Comply with the applicable legal framework in the different fields of action and
  • Be integrated throughout the organization.
The interactions with the neighboring communities are of great importance, because thanks to these, not only does the Company grow in a sustainable manner, but so do the communities.

The interactions in relation to the social commitment assumed by DAP is based on;
  1. Productive support, maintenance of roads to communities.
  2. Support to local police stations that provide support to the communities.
  3. System of scholarships for young people and children in the area in addition to the delivery of school kits for the development of their activities.
  4. Coordinated work in days of medical attention and health talks to the neighboring communities.