Who we are

Agricultural Development of Paraguay

DAP SA, is one of the leading companies in agriculture in Paraguay with more than 10 years of experience, operating in the Department of San Pedro.

It offers a unique platform to take advantage of business opportunities in the agricultural, livestock, forestry and conservation sectors.

The DAP group since its inception is based on a Triple Result Line, working for the sustainable development of the company and society. We propose to mark a new model of sustainable agricultural development for Paraguay and the region that consists of generating economic, environmental and social value.

Principles and values

Generation of economic value

The main activities of the DAP Group are the cultivation, harvesting and commercialization of soybeans, maize and livestock production, with the objective of maximizing profitability and sustainability of the production system based on a double cropping system.

Generation of environmental value

It is based on the total compliance of the Environmental Laws of Paraguay and includes activities such as the establishment of private reserves, forest conservation areas, protective forests of water courses, living barriers to protect neighboring populations, reforestation processes and restoration of the forest landscape in addition to good agricultural practices.

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Generation of social value

For the DAP Group, the response to expectations in the sectors with which it works is an integral part of the development process and the search for sustainability of the company. Therefore, actions such as the generation of jobs for neighboring communities, medical assistance and assistance to families, production of sales and consumption items, as well as the development of their suppliers and contractors are contemplated.

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